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Known as the ULTIMATE FEMALE HOST, JayCee commands the attention of the audiences, leaving them with lasting impressions and memorable energy.

JayCee has shared her message, hosted & collaborated with:

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It’s a known fact that more than 60,000 events happen EVERY SINGLE DAY! That's why picking the right host or emcee for your event is a MUST! Conferences, Concerts, Panels and In-Game hosting are just a few that JayCee has mastered.

Companies, corporations, promoters and associations have someone in mind when it comes to hosting or emceeing their next event? However, the #1 concern that always arises during the selection process is “if the selected individual will project the company's messaging and brand.” Or, during the team debrief the number one thing is, “was the sponsor satisfied with it’s brand representation?” Aside from marketing placement, all of the above mentioned concerns is the job of the emcee/host to make sure the event planner never has to worry about.

From BET, REVOLT, The CIAA, DTLR and a host of various other top brands and HCBUs, JayCee has had the privilege of representing these brands as the crowd controller and energy provider.

JayCee has 10+ years of hosting and emcee experience across the sports and entertainment industry. Hosting/emceeing crowds as small as 75 and as large as 15,000+, JayCee captures the essence of the event from start to finish.

If you’re looking for a host that can keep the ENERGY high, improvisation on point, comedic relief all while relieving your stress of making sure your sponsors feel the love while the show goes on ...then JayCee is who you’ve been searching for!


Keynote Speaking

From 3pt land to depression, JayCee used to be well known for her basketball skills way before speaking became a part of her life. Setting records for 3-pointers and assists, JayCee knew her life was set as long as there was a basketball in the picture. Until one day that ball stopped dribbling abruptly. With no major injuries, no bad grades and the ultimate coachable and hardworking player, JayCee never saw her real-time playing days in college due to the negligence of a few College coaches.

From being promised opportunities to play and never getting the call. Transferring to another school only to be told, “you’ll never be good enough to touch the floor ” after you were told to do team open gyms, workouts and preseason training. Or, how about being recruited, having your actual on-campus recruitment invite and workout, only to be sabotaged by another coach which caused the recruiting coach to rescind the offer.

After sports, JayCee lost her identity physically and mentally, gained weight and even contemplated suicide. Since defeating 10 years of PTSD (Post Traumatic Sports Disorder), JayCee has made it her mission to help current and former athletes find themselves after the game of sports is over and the game of life takes over.

It is of her belief that athletes are just as important after sports with no jersey on as they were with their jerseys on! It is her desire to help 1,000,000 current and former athletes who suffer to forgive themselves and others, so they can take their life back and evolve into a better leader than they were in their sport.

Keynote Speaking


Having the right Coach after sports is just as important if not more than the one when you were playing. Athletes operate better when the competitive and directive language is used to push them day in and out. 

However, one of the hardest things for an athlete to do is to finally focus on themselves, when the whole overall goal was to get their family (first) and themselves out of their financial situation. So immediately when that goal is not met, they carry the weight of the world on their shoulders until they can finally feel like they have delivered the ROI to their family. 

By not turning that mirror on themselves they pile their new problems on top of their old problems with no direct solution in sight. Thus the Purpose Beyond Sports Online Coaching Program was born!

If you're looking for CHANGE, CLARITY and COMMUNITY…then this program is for you.

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