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Host & Emcee

It’s a known fact that more than 60,000 events happen EVERY SINGLE DAY! That's why picking the right host or emcee for your event is a MUST! Conferences, Concerts, Panels and In-Game hosting are just a few that JayCee has mastered.

JayCee has worked with some very powerful brands. While working with these brands she has served in various hosting capacities highlighting her gift as a media talent.

Talent Responsibilities

Event Host

Morning Radio Co-Host

Live On-Camera Telepromoter

UA Sports Clinic Host

PA Announcer

Live & Recorded Interviews

In-Arena Host (Sports & Entertainment)

Panel Moderator

Jordan "AJ 11" Sneaker Host

Pre, Halftime and Post Game Commentary

Experiential Marketing Host

Podcaster (After the Season)

Companies, corporations, promoters and associations have someone in mind when it comes to hosting or emceeing their next event? However, the #1 concern that always arises during the selection process is “if the selected individual will project the company's messaging and brand.” Or, during the team debrief the number one thing is, “was the sponsor satisfied with it’s brand representation?” Aside from marketing placement, all of the above mentioned concerns is the job of the emcee/host to make sure the event planner never has to worry about.

From BET, REVOLT, The CIAA, DTLR and a host of various other top brands and HCBUs, JayCee has had the privilege of representing these brands as the crowd controller and energy provider. 

JayCee has 10+ years of hosting and emcee experience across the sports and entertainment industry. Hosting/emceeing crowds as small as 75 and as large as 15,000+, JayCee captures the essence of the event from start to finish.

If you’re looking for a host that can keep the ENERGY high, improvisation on point, comedic relief all while relieving your stress of making sure your sponsors feel the love while the show goes on ...then JayCee is who you’ve been searching for!


Why Choose JayCee?

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