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About the Podcast

After the Season is a byproduct of the Amazon best-selling book written by host JayCee Ruffin. After multiple conversations with friends and other former athletes about their pains, struggles and real-life traumas during the transition from playing sports, it was evident that these stories needed to be told to help others.

The most silent and uncomfortable conversations that are rarely talked about even in personal relationship settings are about how not playing sports anymore affects you personally and professionally.

While everyone doesn't have the same transition story, every athlete has or will have a transition period. Some transitions are great and some are bad; overall they lead to life-changing experiences that are often hidden even from spouses.

AFTER THE SEASON will introduce and re-introduce athletes to the world to have uncomfortable conversations that will help change the lives of thousands, millions that come and watch.

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JayCee Ruffin

JayCee Ruffin is a former Women’s basketball player. JayCee was known for her no-look passes, 3-point shot and leadership. JayCee attended and graduated from Elizabeth City State University. Unfortunately she never received her moment of shine in a collegiate uniform due to the negligence of a few coaches.


She tried three universities, three different coaches, all in the same conference only to never fulfill her dream of playing in college. She was recruited, invited to preseason workouts, countless open games, endless workouts and weight lifting sessions, only to hear the words, “You’ll never be good enough to touch the floor” from a college coach she was once offered to play for. Unsuccessful in her attempts of becoming a household athletic name, JayCee became depressed, lost her identity beyond the game, and gained weight, even had suicidal thoughts.


It wasn’t until her last collegiate year that she realized the “edutainment” industry was her true calling. Since then, she’s utilized her gift of speaking and hosting to inspire and maintain crowd control as if she’s still playing her point guard position. The dream was always to make it to the WNBA, but God had other plans for JayCee just like the other athletes that will be featured on AFTER THE SEASON.

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