Speaking Topics

Known as the ULTIMATE FEMALE HOST, JayCee commands the attention of the audiences, leaving them with lasting impressions and memorable energy.


High School

WHAT'S YOUR LANE: It's important that your students know that they have a purpose. As loud as they are in the hallways many students are silently hurting because they are depressed and lack purpose. JayCee’s message is one that will assure them that they are destined for greatness.

LEADING OFF THE COURT: Students today determine their value by their social media account and locker room conversations. It is important to show students they are what they consume. Through a compelling message JayCee reinforces the belief that value starts from within.


FINISH THE SPRINT!: Going to college is exciting. Surviving college is a different set of emotions most stray away from talking about. JayCee has a POWERFUL testimony encouraging and inspiring students to see the journey through. 

WHAT DO YOU WANT?: Most always tell you the next four years will be the best four years of your life. Most never prepare students on how to prepare for the next four after. JayCee’s message will assure them that their best days are always still ahead if they’re prepared.