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After The Season:

8-Step Guide Helping Athletes to Rebrand Themselves Post-Career


This book will show you how to PREPARE, PROGRESS and PRESERVE after school and athletics so you may live a PROSPEROUS LIFE! 

While the journey after school looks different for everyone, there are two types of people that remain lost. It's the battle of I am accomplished vs I feel unaccomplished. While some go on to have promising futures -- entrepreneurs, business executives, entertainers and more -- others suffer from PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder) or for my athletes (Post Traumatic Sports Disorder); which features depression, shame, guilt and defeat.

While most will never admit it, everyone goes through the "What Now" phase. It can take them on an exciting journey or a journey of horror and pain. JayCee has experienced it all. She believes every student and athlete needs a way to find themselves all over again and those are the answers that are in this book! 




“Every college athlete should read this before leaving college life. Extremely well done.”

– Ritchie Thomas, Amazon Review


“Man, I’m only on step one but I can relate to so much of what is being said. This is really dope man and I can feel myself shifting already. I’m proud of you. Keep going SUPERSTAR!”

– Brittney James, Former Womens Basketball Player


“Because of “After the Season” I now know how to help others like myself heal, and continue to be an athlete without the jersey one.” 

– Jalyn Brown, Former Women’s Basketball Player, Elizabeth City State University, Aspiring Sports Agent


“I have regained who I am and I now know I’m not a failure. “After the Season” has made me see that I’m more than just a football player… and I have more to give.”

–Arlington Scott, Former Quarterback, Elizabeth City State University, Aspiring Stand Up Comedian

After The Season

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